I need to post!

It's been a few weeks since I posted on this blog. I have been blogging quite regularly on Jameson's mission blog. He is doing awesome and when I blog there. I forget to do it here.

My life is non stop. I need a vacation! so happy that I get one next week.

Yep, Eddie and I are getting ready to fly away to our favorite beach destination and soak up a little, maybe a lot of Sun! It has been two years and alot of snow since our toes have touched the white sands. I am so looking forward to a little R&R, and maybe a little extra sleep too.

We sent Jameson off to the Philippines and now we can relax too, although from his emails, I don't get the idea he is relaxing.

The kids will be here spending a little time with one of their favorite aunts. Aunt Kimball. They love to spend time with her and her family. I am so grateful for her help and allowing us to get reconnected.
Well until I come back, Au Revoir...