I need to post!

It's been a few weeks since I posted on this blog. I have been blogging quite regularly on Jameson's mission blog. He is doing awesome and when I blog there. I forget to do it here.

My life is non stop. I need a vacation! so happy that I get one next week.

Yep, Eddie and I are getting ready to fly away to our favorite beach destination and soak up a little, maybe a lot of Sun! It has been two years and alot of snow since our toes have touched the white sands. I am so looking forward to a little R&R, and maybe a little extra sleep too.

We sent Jameson off to the Philippines and now we can relax too, although from his emails, I don't get the idea he is relaxing.

The kids will be here spending a little time with one of their favorite aunts. Aunt Kimball. They love to spend time with her and her family. I am so grateful for her help and allowing us to get reconnected.
Well until I come back, Au Revoir...

A great end to a long week!

Last week was needless to say a very long week. I started it out with an early morning rise to get to work. I have been working at a dental clinic in Payson. I got the job last July, after my sweet sister in law, Deana had to quit the same clinic and move back to Cheyenne to be closer to her family. She graciously introduced me to her boss and I was hired. It is a change for me, going from the medical field to the dental field, but a welcome change. I needed to work to help pay for a mission, but dreaded going back to the weekend, holiday and Sunday work times. So...
I found myself learning to assist. The first week was very challenging and it has been a change. But now after 8 months I find myself just falling into the routine.

Last week, one of my co-workers was on a vacation to Tahiti. I decided to help her out and take a couple of extra hours. I worked everyday and ended up with 6 hours of overtime. I am not accustomed to being gone from my family for so long during the week, and I didn't care for it.
It is harder than you think. you see I still have my motherly, wifely duties at home, along with
managing two home based businesses. Let's just say that at the end of the week, I was ready for a mini vacation. Luckily, Eddie and I had already decided to celebrate my birthday with a night away. We have decided to spurg and go to the Anniversay Inn in SLC twice a year to celebrate our birthdays, my birthday is this next week, so we went a little early.

We had booked the Room with a View Suite. It is on the top floor and overlooks the entire city. The view is spectacular and beautiful at night. It topped of a wonderful evening at the Draper Temple. After the temple session, we went to dinner at the Tucanos resturant in the Gateway. We thought of Jameson as we ate, this is his favorite place to "chill". Dinner was great and the walk in the snow around the gateway was fun. We headed back to the Anniversary Inn.

As we entered the fireplace and the lights of the city welcomed us. We enjoyed a movie and a slice of cheesecake, and each other. Eddie and I have made it an important part of our lives, to take time for each other, we look forward to getting away with each other and reconnecting in our very busy lives. We talk and share and connect. I feel so blessed by the wonderful relationship we have together. Life is Good.

I would recommend the Anniversary Inn to everyone. Everyone needs a little pampering once in a while. Take a look at there website and book a night for you, You will come back refreshed and relaxed, and more in love!

A weekend to Remember

This past long weekend was a quick trip to Cheyenne. I needed to take a minute and visit with my family. It seems the time just slips away and I realize that it has been over a year since I saw my brother. I loaded up my snacks, my children, a sack lunch and a few dollars for gas and headed out on the long and boring drive to Cheyenne. Jameson volunteered to drive and I decided take the chance to catch up on a few busy things to do on my laptop. (What did we ever do without them?) We enjoyed a sunny and clear road to home along with some conversation and a few minutes of shuteye for my children. After reaching my sister's home and unpacking, we quickly ate some pizza and caught up on each other's lives. Why is it we don't take time to talk more often. It is so enjoyable to share. After a good night's sleep we awoke to breakfast and another 2 hour drive to see my Brother. We arrived after a quick encounter with a Colorado state police officer, thanks to a rushed CO driver and her nice welcome bird sign in my rearview mirror. To make a long story short, don't drive in the passing lane to long, or you get a nice Colorado welcome.

After reaching our destination, we entered and found him. He looked well and when we hugged it felt so good. He has been away from our family for almost 2 years, it is a hard thing to experience both for him and for my family. During our visit I realized that family is all that is important and that we need to keep the friendships alive and strong. We have so much to offer one another and we should be helping each other to reach the goals and desires of our hearts.
We visited for 3 hours and i so enjoyed it. I surely can't wait another 2 years to do it again.
When one of us is down the other will probably help to raise him up. Family, it's the most important thing. Keep it alive!!

A burger anyone?

As we traveled to Vegas the other day on our way to Disneyland, We had to make our usual stop to the ever famous "In and Out" Burger. Now on the scale of 1-10, my husband thinks that I & O ranks up there as a 10. Granted I think it is good, but a 10, probably not. Needless to say we stood in line along with at least 50% of Vegas for the ever famous meat pattie. We ordered and waited approx 15 minutes for the delectible home grown fries and cold Dr. Pepper. It was good, but I would have to say that my favorite is Fuddruckers, Now there is a burger. Real meat and all. The best thing is you can dress it yourself, so if you are a no ketchup, extra mustard kind of person, you are in heaven. I also like there fries, they are spicy but not too. A new comer to the seen is "5 Guys" burgers, they hail from back East, and I say while they are tasty, they can't do it for me.

One of the best things about living in Utah is now we have our very own In and Out in Orem, now we can wait in our own backyard. Go out an Enjoy!!

My how the time flies!!

I thought it was time to blog a little, I was so surprised by how long it has been since I took a minute to jot a few lines down. Another year has flown by, we are getting ready to send another son out into the world to serve the Lord. I have mixed emotions about it because Quezon City Philippines is a very long way away. Jameson will be entering the MTC on January 27th. The weeks until then will move very fast I am sure. I have been reading on what to send him for his two year "vacation". I think the best thing I can send him is my prayers. I know that by this time he has learned all that he can or will from Ed and I and now it is his turn to learn who he is and what he will become. I have faith that the Lord will bless him in his service. He is excited and ready to go.

We just celebrated Christmas and had a great week. Santa brought us a trip to California to spend 3 days in Disneyland. " the happiest place on earth". how did Santa know that we needed to enjoy the sun and fun? We started out our adventure on Dec 26th and traveled with Dan and Jenni Grover ( my sister) and their family. We stayed in Buena Park, 5 minutes from the park. We had rooms right beside each other and totally enjoyed our time together. Santa must have had the same idea for many families because Disneyland was so busy. On two of our days, ticket sales were stopped because the park had reached it's capacity. only a few 76,000 people.
Even though it was busy, the lines actually weren't to bad. the longest we waited was 5- minutes for the Soaring California Ride. My favorite ride has to be small world in fantasy land and I like Soaring California in California Adventure.

The Christmas holiday was beautiful out there, everything is decorated and fun to look at. the Castle is beautiful and the parades are too. We even saw Santa on the Matterhorn, he was vacationing too after his long nights delivery.
The best part was spending time together and making new memories. the worst part was the drive home in holiday traffic.

It took us a extra 1.5 hours from California to Las Vegas.
We are looking forward to another adventure.

Thanks Given

It's almost time for Thanksgiving, and this year I have taken a few moments to think about all of the things I am thankful for.
My family is number one, I couldn't ask for any better. They amaze me each day, I have enjoyed watching them grow and come into there own.
Ed is wonderful to me, I couldn't want anyone else. He truly is my soul mate.
Alex was recently married and we are so excited to welcome his new bride into our home and family. Her name is Marianne and she is a gem. She fits in so well and I know that they will be happy together.
Jameson received his mission call in September and is patiently waiting for go to the Quezon City mission in the Philippines. (I better make sure I know how to spell it). He will leave on January 27th. So far away, but so soon to me.
Kellon is a junior this year and doing well in school and sports, he is starting a season of wrestling at this time and has also convinced his little brother Tanner (who by the way, isn't so little anymore) to join him in wrestling this year. Tanner needless to say is not very excited about it, but if I remember right, neither was Kellon last year.
We also have an addition to our family this year. We have my sister's son Dalton living with us. He will attend school the next 2 years here, he is enjoying his time in Juab already, even though he has to sleep on a futon bed, I think he is secretly counting the days till Jamer leaves so he can have his queen size bed.
Annee is still the baby, although she is almost 12. the boys call her the second mom. she tells them what to do. she has been doing well in school and she loves to read, sing and dance.
She will try out for the sound of music musical in our community in a couple of weeks. She really wants to perform. She has read the Twilight series of books this last year and last night we went to the new moon movie. She is waiting impatiently for the next one to come out in June 2010. I am currently working as a dental assistant and loving it. I work for a great dental office and love the people there. It has been such a blessing in my life.
Well i will close for now, i need to have a break from the computer. until next time.

Merry Christmas

I can't believe how fast this year went by. It's the morning after Christmas, and the house is very quiet. It's my favorite time of day. I am looking at the 8 plus inches of snow that was dropped since Christmas Eve and wondering who gets to shovel this morning. We have had a snow blower for around 10 years that we have probably used 3-4 times. Ed thinks it's too hard to start, it drives me crazy to have it sitting there and not be able to use it. Oh well, at least we have a shovel or two. I would much rather be sitting by the beach instead of looking at the snow. Snow just doesn't do it for me.
My boys built an igloo the other night in the front yard and are determined to sleep in it. So far they have attempted twice, but it got to stormy so they said. We'll see if it works out.
We have been so blessed this season. Many wonderful friends and family. We are so thankful for everyone's generosity, we were the recipients of a wonderful Christmas chain letter. I only hope to pass it on next Christmas. Thank you to whom ever it was, You will never know how much you blessed our lives. Well off to laundry, even if it's Christmas break, the clothes seem to still get dirty. YUC!